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Touchstone explores self awareness and leadership presence

Touchstone stands where skills, practices and memorable images come together.

Our work orients to compassion, resonance, grace, and resilience.

Equity and justice are our North Star.

Guide Books

"Transitioning to college involves loss, doubt, and struggle, but it also offers growth, connection, and confidence. In these guides are skills that will last a lifetime.”  Janelle Rae, MSW, Dean of Students, Spalding University


Read the stories of first year college students, Coleman, Will and Shayla as they navigate the transition from high school to college. Part comic books. part personal playbooks, the Guide Books empower students to reflect, practice, and grow. Unique and interactive, the Stand Strong series encourages students to develop the personal assets to build their own success.



Church groups, school groups, summer bridge programs, college orientation programs, whether in person or remote, are all ideal spaces for students to work with the Guides Books.


As early as middle school, the series can lead to far reaching conversations between a parent or mentor and a prospective college student.

The series all works well as a lightly facilitated group exploration.


Download our free Stand Strong Tips for Session Leaders to learn more!


Stand Strong is an excellent series of graphic novels that support resilience and efficacy for emerging adults, especially those who are transitioning to college. It fosters growth and development through confidence building and goal-attainment strategies. In my roles as a school principal and university educator, this series is highly relevant and supportive for the young adults I serve.

Jan Calvert, Clinical Assistant Professor University of Louisville

In Stand Strong, Luckett Davidson offers step-by-step strategies for new college students to examine and reflect on their transition to campus. The workbook format encourages students to consider how they can draw from previous successes and benefit from asking for help, a difficult challenge for many who are overwhelmed in their first year.

Amy Seleste Hirschy, Associate Professor in the College of Education & Human Development, University of Louisville

Stand Strong is both an invitation and a gift. To begin the journey of adulthood with such a powerful understanding of and access to one’s inner strength is quite an opportunity. I recommend Stand Strong to anyone working with and for young people. It offers more than an answer for getting through college; it is a solution for navigating life.

Althea Allen Dryden, Director of Operations, Cities United

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