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Touchstone explores self awareness and leadership presence

Touchstone stands where skills, practices and memorable images come together.

Our work orients to compassion, resonance, grace, and resilience.

Equity and justice are our North Star.


Touchstone Posters are the visuals that accompany and illustrate our foundational principles and go far beyond the posters that are featured in Stand STRONG college guidebooks.


Touchstone believes that being able to "see" where you are and what is at play is very helpful in generating shifts in thought and action.

Centered Grounded Presence 

(featured in Stand Strong Part One: Coleman Learns to Center)​

Using this image we remind ourselves that an upright, connected, supported stance is key to speaking and acting with conviction and purpose.

When we are centered we are alert, connected, present, and ready for whatever is next. Being centered makes it almost impossible to be anxious, stressed or impulsive. ~ Doug Silsbee

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Powerful Questions

(featured in Stand Strong Part Two: Will Learns to Ask Powerful Questions)

Open-ended questions that begin with who, what, how, when, or where; cannot be answered by yes or no; evoke creativity and learning, and are action-oriented.

Powerful questions change things. ~ Michael Poindexter

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Accountability Pathway

(featured in Stand Strong Part Three: Shayla Learns to Use the Accountability Pathway)

A continuum of the steps which one may take in moving from inaction to a commitment to effective action.

I learned what true accountability looks like. ~ Sarah Zarantonello

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Creative Resourceful and Whole

We hold ourselves and others (and the whole world) in a relationships of love and respect. The principles contained within those relationships make them mutually supportive and reciprocal.


The words creative, resourceful, and whole, took on a whole world of deeper meaning. ~ Anna Kate McWhorter

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Hunger, Weight, Speed, Alignment

How we show up in the world depends on what we bring - our desires, our gravitas, our thirst for learning and the alignment of our actions with our own values and with the values of the organizations with which we intersect.


I've learned the importance of showing up as a leader and conciously bringing my hunger, weight and speed into a space.

~  Althea Dryden

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Luckett Davidson Touchstone Guides Hunge

Old Shore/New Shore

Loosely based on the ideas in William Bridges' Transitions: Making the Most of Life’s Changes, this is a powerful metaphor for managing our own and our organizations’ change processes.


I see this trying time as another new transition and not an ending!

~ Ari King

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Concept Illustration

A specialty of Touchstone is the ability to translate abstract concepts into memorable and accessible images and metaphors. Touchstone creates illustrations and/or posters that reflect the values and aspirations of individuals and organizations. Intended to encourage conversation and understanding, these images etablish common language and lighten the lift of change and transformation. 

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