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Touchstone explores self awareness and leadership presence

Touchstone stands where skills, practices and memorable images come together.

Our work orients to compassion, resonance, grace, and resilience.

Equity and justice are our North Star.


"Self-awareness is the most important leadership skill for the 21st century."

Jennie Jean Davidson, Executive Director, Neighborhood House, Louisville, KY

Touchstone Workshops for workplace teams are highly interactive and grounded in language, image and metaphor. Exploring the pathway of purpose takes us on a journey that leads to satisfaction and effective leadership. It builds on the best in each of us.

The skills learned are essential for individuals as they work inside an organization. With a commitment to steady practice, these tools and moves can be transformative in personal and family lives as well.

Stand Strong Workshops prepare leaders to facilitate the Stand Strong series. These workshops are for anyone who wishes to facilitate multiple groups of students.  As the basis for learning the workshop content focuses on the skills and practices that students encounter in the series.  They are highly interactive and custom designed to encourage participants to bring their own experiences and concerns.


For additional information or a free consultation, click here, and we’ll get in touch shortly.

In Stand Strong Student Sessions, a Touchstone facilitator works directly with a group of students. A Touchstone facilitator will work with groups of up to 12 students, in person or remotely, to guide them through the Stand Strong Series.  Books are included. 


For more information or a free consultation, click here, and we’ll get in touch shortly.



"Touchstone Workshops invite teams to develop a shared sense of purpose and common language to tackle whatever faces them. After spending time with Luckett, my team has always felt more grounded, more connected, and more confident in carrying out complex and emergent community work."

"The workshop was great overall! I got a lot out of it even as someone returning to grad school so thank you!"

Brian M., graduate student, The Ohio State University

"My main takeaway was the breathing - actually doing the centering...I felt confident when I did centering correctly, and that will definitely stay with me for some time."

Carol Gunderson, Executive Director, Food Literacy Project, Louisville, KY

Charlie E., graduate student, The Ohio State University

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