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Touchstone explores self awareness and leadership presence

Touchstone stands where skills, practices and memorable images come together.

Our work orients to compassion, resonance, grace, and resilience. 

Equity and justice are our North Star


“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass.  It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”  Vivian Greene

Moving through our lives we can feel bombarded by change.  We see change as storms and gales. Our work is to redirect the energy with which we resist and fear change. We can experience change as possibility - for learning, for growing, for searching. 
In a coaching relationship, the coach becomes your learning partner.  We collaborate to explore skills, moves and practices that apply to our work and home relationships. We see ourselves “get it”.  We come to know in a deep and satisfying way that we are the purposeful, effective leaders we’ve expected. 
Luckett Davidson, Touchstone’s principal, has been coaching for 14 years. She is certified in Presence-Based Coaching and is a member of the International Coaching Federation.
Luckett coaches individuals in major life transitions. Her clients are recent college graduates, mid-life executives stepping up to greater responsibilities and aspiring retirees who want to give back. 
For a free consultation or more information, contact us below:


"Luckett helped me make difficult life decisions by breaking down my big-picture goals into manageable tasks, making me feel successful and grounded."

Danica, artist and writer

"Luckett brilliantly guided me through a major career and life stage transition with compassion, wisdom and expertise. She draws on a wealth of experience and inner strength, and helped me connect with my own sense of purpose, create a mind-body "wholeness," and find joy in life."

"First and foremost, Luckett is a great listener. We spent two-thirds of our time really exploring underlying issues and that made problem solving so much easier."

JD Malcom, marketing executive

Mary Gwen Wheeler, education strategist

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