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Touchstone ~ lighting the way to self awareness and presence


Touchstone explores the intersection of skills, practices and accessible and memorable images that lead to self-awareness. Compassion, resonance, grace and resilience underpin our work.


New Release!

Stand Strong: A College Guidebook With Practices for Your Success

Part One: Coleman Learns to Center
New Release!

Stand Strong: A College Guidebook With Practices for Your Success

Part Two: Will Learns to Ask Powerful Questions
New Release!

Stand Strong: A College Guidebook With Practices for Your Success

Part Three: Shayla Learns to Use the Accountability Pathway

You can thrive in college and in life! College is full of challenges. While it can be stressful or overwhelming, there is a way through! Stand STRONG presents practices and techniques that can help you navigate your college experience.

 In Part One, Coleman learns to Center and watches his confidence soar. In Part Two, Will learns to ask Powerful Questions as he considers big and small decisions. In Part Three, Shayla learns how the Accountability Pathway can help her make progress toward major goals.

The important stuff …Big changes lead to unfamiliar experiences and feelings that are unsettling, especially when you are disconnected from your home support system.


This is normal! Everyone feels the anxiety that comes with change. Failures are good! They are setbacks that give you a chance to learn and bounce back. What will get you through is your inner strength and your ability and willingness to reach out to others for support.

This unique, interactive series of guidebooks allows students to personalize their growth by reflecting and practicing new skills. Part comic book, part personal playbook, this series will give students of all kinds the chance to build their own success.

Each character tells a story of their year in college and what they learned that helped them survive and thrive. They describe and share tools, moves, and messages of mindfulness, presence, persistence and resilience that will be useful to anyone. The practices and prompts give students the chance to try out new techniques.

A Bulk Discount Rate of 25% off is available when 30 books are purchased - either 10 copies of each book or 30 copies of one book.

To purchase books at the Bulk Rate, please contact us



Posters are available in various sizes and materials.  Please contact us for more information.  

Special Offer!

For a limited time, purchase each of the Stand Strong books and the color version of the posters that accompany each book for a discounted price of $100!

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