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Touchstone explores self awareness and leadership presence

Touchstone stands where skills, practices and memorable images come together.

Our work orients to compassion, resonance, grace, and resilience.

Equity and justice are our North Star. 

Shayla Cover with Indie Award
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I am thrilled to announce
STAND STRONG, Part Three - Shayla Learns to Use the Accountability Pathway was a FINALIST in the Activity Books (all ages) category of the
2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards! 

Guide Books

"In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth.
The learned will find themselves equipped for a world that no longer exits."
Eric Hoffer

Read the stories of three students in their first year of college. Apply the skills they used to your own learning. Part comic books. part personal playbooks, the Guide Books empower students to reflect, practice, and grow. Unique and interactive, the Stand Strong series encourages students to develop the personal assets to build their own success.

Join with Coleman, Will and Shayla as they journey through the challenges of college and learn to build inner strentgh, seek support and Stand STRONG!



Written for a lightly facilitated group exploration, it’s effective both in-person or remote. In addition, the series can begin a deep one-on-one conversation about transition for a young person and a grandparent, parent, older sibling or friend. 


It’s a thoughtful and worthwhile gift as we toggle between in-person and remote learning.


"Transformation is a process not an event."  Luckett Davidson

Touchstone Workshops are deep dives into leadership development for teams.

The highly interactive workshops explore practices, metaphors and language that foster lasting change.

Stand Strong Workshops focus on the Stand Strong Guidebook series.

While the Guide series stands on it own, two types of workshops are available.  Touchstone trains facilitator groups and conducts sessions for groups of students. All workshops are grounded in the skills, metaphors and images that the characters learn in the series.



"When we are no longer able to change a situation...we are challenged to change ourselves."  Viktor Frankl

With Touchstone Coaching, your North Star will guide you. As partners we'll move together along your path to greater leadership presence and satisfaction. 


In transforming the self to lead in the exceptional possibilities of these times, one fully embraces new habits, thinking and action. This is only possible if the whole self - mind, heart, body - integrates. With you and for you, Touchstone Coaching creates a unique roadmap to fulfill your aspirations.

Learning is our lifelong gift. In coaching, we develop a learning partnership that builds on the best in each of us. Exploring the pathway of purpose takes us on a journey that leads to satisfaction and effective leadership.

Reach out to Luckett to learn more about the possibility of a coaching relationship.



"Everything can be taken from a man but one choose one's own way."  Viktor Frankl

Touchstone creates posters and images that illustrate the abstract concepts of transformative learning. The posters cultivate common language to serve new team dynamics and build leadership muscle. 

Luckett Davidson Touchstone Guides Creat
Luckett Davidson Touchstone Guides Old S
Luckett Davidson Touchstone Guides Hunge

Reviews of Stand STRONG

"With elegant sensitivity, the Guide series identifies some of the most emotionally paralyzing events of students and their first college experiences.…  it tells us we are going to be OK in language we can understand."

Keith Look, Ed.D.

"Luckett offers skillful and effective ways to help students address their anxieties and self-doubts by learning how to ask for help, center themselves, break down large goals into achievable steps, and chart their own progress."

Liza Little, PsyD, APRN-BC, Director of Counseling Services, University of Southern Maine

Succeeding and persisting in college isn’t about being smart enough to do the work, it’s about being smart enough to believe in yourself and know when and how to ask for help.

Janelle Rae, Director of Student Leadership & Multicultural Services, Spalding University

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